DOMINICA Citizenship By Investment

Visa-free travel:

145 Countries

Donation from:

100,000 $

Real estate from:

200,000 $

Time to citizenship:

6-8 Months

Dominica, a beautiful island in the Caribbean, offers a unique chance for people worldwide through its Citizenship by Investment Program (CIP). Famous for its green rainforests, clean beaches, and lively culture, Dominica passport and citizenship provides a perfect place to live and great benefits for travel and business. Since 1993, the CIP has allowed people and families to become Dominican citizens by donating significantly to the country’s Economic Diversification Fund or investing in approved real estate projects. 

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As a Dominica citizen, you can travel to over 140 countries without a visa or get a visa on arrival, making it an appealing choice for those seeking more freedom to travel, financial security, and a peaceful island lifestyle.

Dominica citizenship program by investment

Dominica has a special program called the Citizenship by Investment Program (CIP), which started in 1993. This program lets people and families from anywhere become citizens of Dominica by giving a large amount of money to the country. There are two main ways to qualify: either by donating to the Economic Diversification Fund or by investing in certain approved real estate projects.

Dominica’s CIP is liked because it’s inexpensive, works fast, and checks applicants carefully. People who get approved enjoy many benefits, like visiting over 140 countries without a visa or getting a visa when they arrive. This makes Dominica a good choice for those who want more freedom to travel, financial safety, and the chance to live on a beautiful Caribbean island with lots of nature and culture.

What are the benefits for Dominica passport holders?

Getting Citizenship in Dominica and having a passport brings many advantages. The Dominica passport, which belongs to a country in the British Commonwealth, lets you enter +140 countries without needing a visa, including the EU, Singapore, Hong Kong and etc. Another benefit is Dominica’s favourable tax system. The country doesn’t tax money earned from outside, such as dividends, wealth, or inheritance.

Visa-free travel

Dominica passport holders and citizenships of this country enjoy visa-free or visa-on-arrival access to over 140 countries and enhancing global mobility and travel convenience.

inherited nationlity

Inherited nationality

Dominica's citizenship can be inherited by descendants, allowing future generations to benefit from the nation's global mobility and investment opportunities.

tax free benefit

Tax free benefit

Dominica passport holders benefit from a favorable tax regime, including no wealth, inheritance, or capital gains taxes, enhancing financial advantages.

Lifetime citizenship

Dominica grants lifetime citizenship, allowing holders and their descendants to enjoy its benefits permanently, including travel, tax, and investment advantages.

Dominica citizenship cost

The price of Citizenship in Dominica changes based on your chosen option. If you go for the Citizenship by Investment Program (CIP), where you give money to the country, the minimum amount to invest is $100,000 USD, plus more fees. If you decide on the real estate investment route, the cost will vary depending on your chosen property and the other fees.

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How To Obtain Dominica Citizenship

There are four main ways for someone from another country to become a citizen of Dominica:

Citizenship by birth 

If you were born in Dominica, you are generally considered a citizen and can get a Dominica passport, no matter where your parents are from. Dominica, like many other countries, uses the jus soli principle, which grants Citizenship based on the place of birth.

This is an easy way to become a citizen, but it doesn’t only work for some foreign nationals since at least one parent, usually the mother, must be in Dominica when the baby is born. The following three options explain how people born outside Dominica can become citizens.

Citizenship by descent or ancestry

If one of your parents is a Dominican citizen, you can become one, too. This way of getting Citizenship helps maintain ties between Dominica and people with Dominican roots. It usually applies to the first generation born outside Dominica.

Your parent might have been born in Dominica or became a citizen through other ways mentioned in this guide. It doesn’t matter as long as you can prove your parent was a Dominican citizen when you were born, you can apply.

Citizenship by investment

The Dominican Citizenship by Investment program started in 1993 to attract more foreign investment in the island country.

It’s become popular, especially with people and families wanting a backup plan, more freedom to travel (because of easy visa-free options), or better money management (Dominica doesn’t have many taxes).

Citizenship by marriage

If you’re married to a Dominican, you could become a citizen. Here are the steps:

  1. Your marriage must be legal, and you’ll need to show proof, like a marriage certificate.
  2. You must live in Dominica for three years before applying and stay married to show a stable marriage.
  3. It would help if you had good character, like having no criminal record.
  4. The process is similar to naturalization, but you’ll need extra documents like your marriage certificate and proof that your spouse is a Dominican citizen (a passport or birth certificate).
  5. You and your spouse might also need to attend interviews to confirm your marriage is real and meet all other requirements.

Dominica citizenship benefits

Having a second passport has many advantages; visa-free travel is just one of them. Dominica has tried offering its passport holders tax benefits, business advantages, and additional travel perks. It’s also a source of pride for the country to use its economic strength to provide a safe place for people from countries facing safety issues, financial difficulties, or instability. Here are some key benefits of Dominica’s Citizenship by Investment Program:

Ease of Travel

The Dominica passport is known worldwide for allowing visa-free entry to 145 countries, including all EU Schengen countries, Singapore, and Hong Kong. Dominica citizens can also get a 10-year visa to the United States, which can be hard to get otherwise.

Obtain Dual Citizenship Without RISK

When someone becomes a citizen of Dominica, their home country won’t be told about their new Citizenship. This makes it an excellent choice for people who want the process to be private. Privacy is essential to the Dominican government because it wants to offer a safe place when necessary, which requires strict confidentiality.

taxation benefits

Taxation Benefits

Whether citizens of Dominica got Citizenship through investment or not, people don’t have to pay taxes on international dividends, interest, or royalties. Dominica also doesn’t have income, capital gains, or inheritance taxes. This means that applying for Dominica’s Citizenship by Investment Program can be an excellent financial move for people who earn money from other countries.

Forward Looking Investment

Forward-Looking Investment

Investing in real estate offers financial benefits. Once approved, this program also lets applicants include future dependents, and Citizenship is permanent. Even if Dominica stopped its Citizenship by Investment Program, all Dominica passport holders would still keep their Citizenship.

Where is Dominica?

Dominica is an island country in the Caribbean Sea. It’s part of the Windward Islands in the Lesser Antilles group.

Dominica is famous for its mountains, tropical rainforests, and volcanoes, located between the French islands of Guadeloupe to the north and Martinique to the south. The capital and largest city is Roseau, found on the west coast. Due to its stunning natural beauty and rich variety of wildlife, Dominica is often called “The Nature Island of the Caribbean.”

Population: 73,368

language: English

Capital: Roseu

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Saman Nikouyi

From Dominica cbi

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